Contract Compliance

When it pertains to construction related projects such as painting, paving, roofing, etc. ...consider two critical factors:

    · Documentation ...Spoken words are not good enough...If it isn't in writing, you won't get it.

    · Scope clarity w/ oversight ...You get what you inspect, not what you expect.

Clearly understanding these factors helps you to:

     (a) reduce confusion,
     (b) eliminate lost time, and
     (c) prevent extra cost (sometimes including litigation expenses)
Huie Services Exclusive 15 Step Project Management Process:
1. Conduct a site visit at the property to evaluate project needs
2. Develop specifications so all contractor bids are consistent
3. Solicit bids from qualified contractors
4. Respond to bidding contractors and provide project clarifications
5. Compile, compare, and report the submitted bids for review
6. Assist in YOUR contract preparation for the contractor to sign
7. Assist with resident notification of the project scope and timeframe
8. Work with the contractor to get the project started on the right foot
9. Check work progress to assure contract compliance
10. Discuss problems with the contractor that arise during the work
11. Assess problems that arise with residents related to the work
12. Verify accuracy and correctness of payment request submittals
13. Solicit resident input via a punch list program (especially on painting projects)
14. Report to the client / Board on the status of the work on the interval desired (typically not less than monthly)
15. Diligently ensure all project loose ends are tied up...including appropriate warranties.

This is where a partnership with Huie Services is important. We work with you, your contractors, your property manager, your residents, jurisdictional authorities, and other professionals to perform our exclusive 15-Step Construction Project Management Service.

Yes, it's a lot of work, but that is what it takes. The good news...your investment, relative to the cost of the project, is small and…
Huie Services is here to help!!