Consider that each month, a residence owner “uses up” an equivalent of a month’s worth of pavement, the pool, the roofs, etc.   The resident's contribution to the Reserve should be in an amount equal to what they “use up”. 

We help you determine fair contribution levels by:
1. Studying relevant sections of your legal Documents to determine Association responsibilities.
2. Quantifying those items during visits to the property.
3. Assigning a value and life expectancy for all items.
4. Determining contribution needs to prepare for replacement and repair such items.
5. Provide a report that:
     a) Explains the purpose of the Reserve Fund.
     b) Evaluates the present condition of the Reserve Fund.
     c) Discusses the assorted items covered by the Reserve.
     d) Creates spreadsheet documentation showing:
          - The timetable for repairs and
          - The funding required of the owners.

Huie Services CAN help!!
Client’s needs and approaches can vary widely depending on their individual business interests. Some Associations use their Capital Reserve Fund as a “slush fund” to cover deficits in their operating budget. Others use their Reserves for specific additions or improvements. Associations who operate using "best practices" utilize their Capital Reserve Fund for its intended purpose only - the repair and replacement of the large items for which they are contractually responsible.

Huie Services is the right resource to help you understand and effectively plan for your specific business approach. Partnering with Huie Services, you can expect we will:
     (a) study your property and your legal Documents,
     (b) determine the nature, schedule, and cost of long-term maintenance needs,
     (c) provide an understandable report explaining the cost to the owners.

The objective of our reserve analysis is intended to focus the client's (Board and owner’s) attention on the preservation or even enhancement of the property value.

Huie Services IS your resource!!